Welsh Crew / Criw Cymraeg

St David’s Day parade


As part of the celebrations our Criw Cymraeg participated in the Denbigh Town St David’s Day parade which ended at the Town Hall this morning! Diolch Criw Cymraeg!




Caffi Cymraeg in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research


Our Pupil Voice group, Criw Cymraeg, organised a Coffee morning last September to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research. A huge £314 was raised! Massive thanks to everyone who turned up and supported this very worthwhile event.



Useful phrases and words to be used during our Caffi Cymraeg:


WelshSounds LikeEnglish
Ga i…..?Guy ee Can I have?
Un, dau, triEen, die, treeOne. Two, three
TeSounds like ‘tear’ papertea
LlefrithLe frithmilk
bisgedBis gedbiscuit
Sudd orenSeeth orenOrange juice