Mr D. Thomas Headteacher Pennaeth

Hi my name is Mr Thomas. I have been at Frongoch as Head teacher since 2015. Before this I studied at Bangor university and then moved to Essex in England to teach for over 14 years.

I am Welsh first language and love Sports, Maths and History. I particularly enjoy watching Wales when they play rugby!

I live on Anglesey with my wife and daughter, who has me wrapped around her little finger!


Frongoch is an excellent school to work at as all the children, staff, parents and Governors want the best for their children and work together as a team. The children at Frongoch make me very proud to be their Head teacher and we always aim to be the best that we can be. If we work hard then anything is possible and we like to think of ourselves as the Frongoch Family. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Frongoch.


Together we achieve, Cyflawni gyda'n gilydd!