Adverse Weather procedures

Bad weather 

It’s that time of year again where we will undoubtedly have some adverse weather. 

As ever, we will always try to ensure Frongoch remains open. However, if for any reason we need to close the school we will aim to do this as early as possible to allow as much time as possible for parents/carers to make arrangements for their children.  

The safety of the children will always be the priority when making these decisions and I thank you in advance for your continued support.  

If we were to close then the decision would be cascaded to local media. However, the first place for parents to check is Denbighshire County Council’s web page and this will show which schools in Denbighshire are closed.  

We would also attempt to make contact with parents/carers via our Seesaw app. To this end, we would ask all parents/carers to please ensure you have your Seesaw app up to date on your mobile device/s.