Welcome to Ysgol Frongoch.


Which school to send your child to is a very important decision for parents to make and at Ysgol Frongoch, we are delighted to have been entrusted with your child. We take our responsibilities very seriously and look upon the next four years as a journey that we will travel together.


We believe that in school, children should be happy, within a safe and secure environment; from this the learning will come. At Ysgol Frongoch, we are extremely proud of our school and believe we are able to provide all of the above. We set high standards for ourselves and the pupils and are confident that these expectations are met in terms of standards of achievement and behaviour. The staff are a dedicated team who work hard and I am proud to lead the school - we believe we can make a difference.


Most visitors comment on the atmosphere they feel immediately on entering the school - our ethos is a welcoming one and we refer to the Frongoch family, truly believing that although we are a large school, every individual is important and has a role to play. We welcome parents and family in the school and have an open door policy where all staff are willing to listen and help.


Our aim is to educate children in academic subjects but also to provide as many opportunities as possible to enrich the lives of pupils. This is done through a wide range of skill-based clubs, educational visits, including a progression of residential trips. Our aim is for all pupils to achieve success - academic, sporting, musical for example – and we value and celebrate the contribution we all make to our community.


We hope your child will be very happy in Ysgol Frongoch and look forward to getting to know you and your child. I hope this prospectus provides you with much information; should you have any questions after reading this, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school office to arrange a visit.


Croeso i teulu Frongoch – welcome to the Frongoch family!



Mr Dylan Thomas